Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Free shipping on orders above 100€

Cookie Policy

Please find below information on cookies installed on the website “” (hereinafter the “Website”).


A cookie is a small data file which, in the form of a unique anonymous code, is sent to your browser from a web server and then stored on the hard disk of your device (computer, smartphone, tablet).

Cookies may allow the correct use of an internet site (hereinafter “Technical Cookies”), or they may create statistical analyses on the manner you navigate the Website (hereinafter “Analytical Cookies”), or they may check your preferences in the context of your online navigation in order to propose advertising messages (hereinafter “Profiling Cookies”).

Cookies may be stored on your device for a period of time of variable duration (hereinafter “Permanent Cookies”), or they may be deleted on the closure of the browser or be of limited duration (“Session Cookies”).

Cookies may be installed by the website you are visiting (hereinafter “First Party Cookies”) or they may be installed by other websites (hereinafter “Third-Party Cookies”).


This Website uses the following cookies:

 a)      Technical Cookies

The Technical Cookies allow the Website to function correctly, making possible for you to view its content in the related language and market as from your first visit. They are able to recognize the country you are connecting from and to ensure that, on each visit, you are automatically re-directed to the version of the Website applicable for your country.

They also make possible for you to create an account, to log in and to manage orders.

If you are a registered user, thanks to the Technical Cookies the Website will be able to recognise you when accessing the services offered to registered users only.

Technical Cookies are able to tell if you purchase products on the Website through an affiliated or partner site, making possible for us to fulfil our obligations in relation to such partner sites.

Technical Cookies are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Website.

 b)      Analytical Cookies

The Analytical Cookies are used to create statistical analyses on the way users navigate on the Website (e.g. the device they used, the number of pages they visited or the number of clicks on a particular page they made during navigation).

Their purpose is to improve Website functions.

The results of the analysis arising from the use of Analytical Cookies are processed in an anonymous way and for statistics purposes only.

In the event that they only allow the tracking of anonymous IP addresses (with a portion of the code that is not visible), they are assimilated to Technical Cookies as they do not allow any users’ identification.

 c)      Profiling cookies

The Website uses Profiling Cookies, through which it registers preferences and habits detected during each users’ visit and thus create profiles, allowing us to send you messages more in line with your preferences and interests (e.g. allowing you to view the products you are looking for more quickly, or to offer you the most similar items).

Profiling Cookies are used by trusted third parties, that make possible for us to display banner ads on other affiliate sites (so called “retargeting”), showing the products that you have recently viewed. While you browse the Website, Profiling Cookies are also used to display other products that may be of your interest, or products similar to the ones that you have just watched based on your browsing schedule.


The characteristics of the cookies used on the Website are detailed in the tables below.

 a)    Technical Cookies


b)    Analytical Cookies



When you access any page on the Website, you will see a banner displaying brief information about cookies. Through the banner, you are free to provide your personal data for the purposes of analysis for marketing. The legal basis for this processing lies in the consent given as indicated on the related Website banner. Failure to consent does not have any consequence on the use of the site (except for not being able to receive any more suggestions for purchasing).

Consent is not required for the use of Technical Cookies; thus, they are processed based on the owner’s legitimate interest to provide improved navigation and use of the Website.


Your personal data will be processed by automated tools for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which such data were collected. Specific security, technical and organizational measures have been adopted to prevent the loss of data, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access.


You can accept only Technical Cookies, accept all cookies or manage your preferences through the banner containing the brief information relating to the cookies on the Website. Your choices regarding cookies will be recorded in a specific "technical cookie".

The banner, through which you can accept only Technical Cookies, accept all cookies, or manage your preferences with regard to cookies will not be reproposed you until at least 6 months have elapsed as of the previous presentation. The only exceptions to this rule are the following:

(i)             those cases where the conditions of processing have changed,

(ii)           when you browse in anonymous way,

(iii)         when cookies are deleted from your device as described below,

(iv)          when you access from a different device.

Moreover, you can always express or modify your preferences regarding cookies by accessing the appropriate page of the Website through the following link.

To find out information and procedures for deactivating Third-Party Cookies, you can click on the links contained in the column “Further information” in the table containing the list of cookies set out above.

You can oppose to the storage of cookies on your hard disk by configuring your browser in such a way as to deactivate cookies.

We have set out below the procedures available in the main browsers:

Internet Explorer:




It is possible, however, that, after having completed the above operation, some Website functions may not work properly.

For further information on cookies and to manage your preferences in relation to Third Party Profiling Cookies we would invite you to visit Once you are on the site, if you enter the “Your Choices” area, you can view a list of the third-party companies, our partners, which install cookies on our site (Companies), check the presence and state of activity of the installed cookies (Status) and manage your consent on a selective basis (On/Off). If you expand the “Info” heading for each company, this will take you to more information on the company concerned and provide a link to the information issued by that company on privacy and cookies.


The controller of the data collected through the cookies on the Website is EVERYTHING STREETWEAR S.M.P.C. | ESTREETWEAR, known as E, fashion marketplace, with registered office at Papaflessa 28, Athens 15125 (ATH) (hereinafter the “Data Controller”).

To request and obtain an updated list of the data processors, please contact the Data Controller at the email address [email protected].


The data acquired by cookies will or may come to the knowledge of the following:

  • employees and collaborators of the Data Controller, acting in the capacity of people authorized to carry out the processing; and,
  • suppliers of technical and organisational services acting in the capacity of data processors.

We may transfer the data acquired using cookies abroad, including to countries located outside the EU with, nonetheless, the guarantee of appropriate protections and defenses. To obtain information on the exact location of the data, you are invited to write to the Data Controller at the e-mail address [email protected].

Generally, the data will not be disclosed in any way.


You may ask and obtain, at any time, the erasure, anonymization, copy, update, rectification, integration of your data. You may also oppose, at any time, to the processing of your personal data for commercial and marketing purposes, as well as to oppose, based on legitimate grounds, to their processing for other purposes; you may request the portability of your data, or you may ask to limit their processing. You have the right to revoke any consent previously given.

You may enforce your rights, in addition to the use of the means described above, by sending a written communication to the Data Controller at the address indicated above or by sending it an e-mail at [email protected].

We also remind you that you can always file a claim to the Regulatory Authority (the Greek Data Protection Authority).